How it works

My Career Lab provides an end to end re-skilling solution from profiling to placement, that moves beyond a narrow focus on retraining towards employability.

We partner with organisations and government to enable them to retain an agile and diverse workforce while arming employees with the skills and credentials needed to follow alternative career pathways in Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Risk Management.

The My Career Lab Solution

Discover &

Activate simple career pathways between current and in-demand jobs

Identify &

Evaluating employees against role success criteria, skills requirements, motivation, value and culture fit

Up-skill and

Deliver job ready skills and capabilities while in your current role, through:

  • Industry recognised credentials
  • Blended learning solutions
  • Access to Industry experts

Mobilise &

Activate talent pools within organisations

Provide a career concierge to support placement

Connecting communities of practice across industry, education and government


REDUCED COSTS on recruitment and misplaced L&D

FASTER TIME TO PRODUCTIVITY by up-skilling your existing talent

IMPROVED DIVERSITY WITHIN TEAMS including gender, background and thought

MINIMISED REDUNDANCIES by continually evolving workforce skills for the future

INCREASED EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT through investment in internal mobility

INCREASED 'BENCH STRENGTH' by having a constantly evolving internal talent pool

Organisations who build future ready learning into their value proposition will attract and retain the best talent.

The Employee Experience


‘What are the jobs?’
‘What are my possibilities?


‘What are my skills and capabilities’
‘What are the pathways?’


‘What do I need to learn?’
‘How will I learn?’


‘What recognition will I get?’


‘What else do I need to do to be job ready?’


‘How do I get the job?’


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